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February 29, 2012
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Savoirfaire Roma Scarf by Savoirfaire-Roma Savoirfaire Roma Scarf by Savoirfaire-Roma
Project for the first Scarf of Savoirfaire Roma

the logos are embroidered
realized in pure wool made in Huddersfield - England
or as an alternative Tartan Products - Heritage of Ireland -

the proceeds of the sale
will go to cover the entire
shipping costs of "Savoirfaire Roma" hoodies

for the "WARM WINTER PROJECT 2012" hosted by =ToxicAlice92

will be limited in number of 30/40 pieces
and then given to those who wish contribute actively
to brighten up the chilly nights of deprived persons,
the homeless, people who live on the street...
Yes, exactly: le Clochards

the scarves are being planned
so it is useless to ask: how and why...
is not about collecting a designer accessory
or to obtain a scarf signed by "Savoirfaire Roma"

If your aim is it
you will be the first
not to be taken into consideration

If you are interested in the project
you can contact directly =ToxicAlice92 for all details

"donate a garment to warm those who really need is good for the heart and soul"

or if you believe you deserve a scarf
send an email to:

we will contact you

Please note: Savoirfaire Roma will not receive anything except the cost of production so there will have no gain except their own and others' pleasure

Savoirfaire Roma. All rights reserved
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